The Inner Critic vs The Inner Coach

The Inner Critic! The Inner Critic! The Inner Critic!

You may be wondering, how much more talk about the inner critic can we have this month?  I personally believe we can spend a lot more time exploring and discussing the inner critic. I think we could identify and acknowledge the many ways the inner critic paralyzes, debilitates, and hinders individuals.  I also feel confident;  if we were all in a room having a conversation everyone would be able to relate to some component of the inner critic.

But for now, let’s review a few statements from the inner critic:

“You are not good enough”.

“You will never be able to accomplish that”.

“You are not worthy of love”.

As a reminder, ALL OF THOSE statements are a lie. Unfortunately for some, they are on repeat and replay throughout the day, week, month, and year. The statements become truth to some, and individuals dare to challenge the voice of the inner critic.

But what if I told you there was help? What if I could introduce you to something you are familiar with but likely dismiss at times? What if you could learn to lower the volume on the inner critic and lessen its impact?

As we consider a way to do this, allow me to introduce you to “The Inner Coach”. The inner coach is contrary to the inner critic. It is there to encourage, empower, and equip you for the journey ahead. The inner coach already exists in you and often, is overlooked due to the dominating voice of the inner critic. The inner coach is rarely nurtured or acknowledged. The inner coach has the power to change the trajectory of how you think, function, and thrive. 

 A few characteristics of the inner coach are: 

  • Kindness: It speaks words of affirmation and life.
  • Loving: It does not speak statements that belittle or demean.
  • Authoritative: It has the power to speak life and remind you of your inner strength.
  • Compassionate: It recognizes your mistakes and grants you grace to grow.
  • Gentleness: It speaks words that turn away wrath, that protects, and anchors.

The inner coach says things like:

  • “You are enough, and you are connected to everything you need.”
  • “The things you believe are your failures are simply obstacles on your journey toward purpose.”
  • “You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are beautiful. You are amazing”.

The inner coach is your companion and reminds you that:

  • “You ARE good enough”.
  • “You are worthy of love and everything you need is inside you”.
  • “The inner coach is waiting for you to acknowledge its existence and embrace it. 

This week, I invite you to pay attention to the inner coach. I encourage you to listen to it. Notice the difference between the inner critic and the inner coach. This is your opportunity to turn  the volume UP on the inner coach and down on the inner critic. The more you focus on and engage with the inner coach the more likely you will silence the inner critic.

As you observe the voice of the inner critic, record the affirming statements you notice the inner coach using.

Download the attached sheet and use it throughout the week. Remember, the goal is to silence the inner critic and give the inner coach space to speak.

The Inner Critic = Lies

The Inner Coach = Truth

Repeat this statement: “I believe, I can do ALL things. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I was created with a purpose. I am an overcomer and there is NOTHING I can NOT do. I am connected to those that are aligned with my purpose. I am not alone. I promise myself; I WILL NOT QUIT.

Hopefully, you noticed the purple highlights. The highlighted words are A CALL TO ACTION. If you did NOT notice it, take a moment and review it and get ready to TAKE ACTION.

Have a healthy week and remember, treat your soul and yourself with care.


Your Partner in Faith and Mental Health