Grief and Loss Counseling

Therapeutic Healing for Grief

Greif and Loss

Are you STILL NOT over that loss? Are you STILL crying over that situation? Are you STILL talking about that? When are you going to let that go?

These questions are common for individuals who are grieving to hear regularly. We want you to know this:


You have the right to feel how you feel and should not be rushed into “getting over it”. Grief is challenging to identify at times. It is important to ask yourself, “what am I feeling”, “could this be grief”? Healing and H.O.P.E. are available to you here.

What is Grief?

Many people associate grief specifically with the loss of a loved one. It is important to note that grief is all-encompassing and should not be isolated to one single event. Grief may be experienced with the death of a loved one, retirement or life change, ending a relationship, a difficult diagnosis and other life changing events.

Understanding the stages of grief is essential. However, realizing those stages are not linear and individuals can move from one stage to another is critical to one’s healing process. Sometimes you can get stuck in a particular stage of grief. There is no shame associated with grief or the powerful emotions surrounding it.

People attempt to prepare for grief by bracing themselves for the inevitable. While in some cases that works, oftentimes individuals are unsuccessful, and the symptoms of grief appear unexpectedly.

Experiencing grief is natural and common when dealing with loss.

Grief can be paralyzing and debilitating. It can overwhelm you and render you ineffective for days and even seasons. That is why seeking counseling for grief is integral to one’s healing and coping. Learning to overcome the powerful emotions associated with grief before they overwhelm you is what clients have achieved through my personalized goals and plans for the counseling relationship.

How to know if grief counseling is right for you:

  • Are you feeling sad and depressed associated with grief or loss?
  • Do you find yourself no longer interested in doing things that once brought you joy?
  • Are you feeling guilty about the relationship or whatever is grieving you?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping? Changes in your sleep pattern?
  • Do you blame yourself for the grief/loss?
  • Do you feel like your life has lost value or meaning?
  • Are you afraid?
  • Are you in shock or disbelief?
  • Have your eating habits changed?

Answering yes to any of these may be a sign to seek professional help.

At Beyond the Mask, therapists use practical clinical skills to assist you in healing and moving through the grief process. Your discussions are safe and confidential and your journey is specialized for you.

Release the judgement of others, give voice to the silence and be set free!
For more information and to begin your journey of H.O.P.E. to Healing, contact the office today.

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