6 Steps to Breaking Toxic Thought Patterns

Whew! We made it through the first week of August and are well on our way to breaking Toxic Thought patterns! How did you do?

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So, let’s get ready for some more healing, change, and H.O.P.E. (Help Overcoming Powerful Emotions).

Unfortunately, for some, toxic thoughts are easier to find than positive affirmations.  However, as you identify the thoughts that are toxic, acknowledge the root of them, and address the triggers, you are more likely to have control of the impact and intensity of those thoughts. 

Toxic thoughts are often a result of personal trauma and experiences. They are shaped by exposure, experience, and influence. BUT don’t be alarmed. Remember, YOU have the power to take those thoughts captive and EVERYTHING you need is within you. 

This week, as we reflect on 6 steps to Breaking Toxic Thought Patterns, I want to encourage you to extend yourself some grace. This is a journey, and these thoughts did not take root and grow overnight. Some of the toxic thoughts you have are from seeds planted during childhood and possibly even in utero.

Look at the 6 steps below and begin crushing Toxic Thought Patterns.

Step 1: Observe Your Thoughts: Where are these thoughts coming from. Observing and witnessing the thoughts from the outside allow you to see the thoughts from a different perspective. Sometimes you want to observe them as a third person. Would you think the thoughts about someone you love? For example, “I am NOTHING, I am a loser”. Would you correct a loved one from saying that about themselves? If so, this is a path into doing the same for you.

Step 2: Identify and Determine the Validity of Those Thoughts: Often the thought has been so constant you began to believe it. Stop and ask yourself, is this even a real thought? Is there validity to how I feel? Why do I believe this to be so? By attempting to validate the thought(s) you may recognize the lies within the thoughts and be able to release yourself from the lie.

Step 3: Acknowledge Your Power to Stop the Thoughts: YOU have the power to stop the thought. The steps above will support it. Finding truth within lies is essential to changing the way you think.

Step 4: Address the Toxic Thoughts by Replacing them with Truth:  Finding and identifying truth is an easy way to change the way you think. Reflecting on previous victories, successes and compliments will help you remember and focus on good. These thoughts force negative thinking further away allowing positive thoughts to be present and more accessible.

Step 5: Identify and Repeat 5 Positive Affirmations: Choosing, arming, and equipping yourself with positive affirmations will allow them to be readily available when you need them. Say it aloud, “I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made”! The more your affirm yourself, the less space toxic thought patterns have to exist.

Step 6: Identify Your Triggers and Distract Yourself from Negativity: As patterns began to show, identify, and know where, what, how, why, and when you are triggered and shifted into negative thoughts. Having a method of mindfulness will allow you to learn how to escape the trap of toxic thought patterns with less resistance.

Well, that’s it. I know that was a lot, but I think it is essential to address and learn how to heal from Toxic Thoughts Patterns. I have confidence you are on your way to THINKING POSITIVE.

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Happy Thinking…

Sharhonda, Your Partner in Faith, Marriage and Mental Health

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