Breaking Free From Toxic Thought Patterns: How Thought Diaries Promote Wellness

It’s August and Mental Health Monday!

This month we will focus on thought patterns and learning how to manage the thoughts that dominate your day. Too often, toxic thought patterns are not identified at the onset, and they become the dominating thoughts of individuals. 

Identifying, acknowledging, and addressing toxic thought patterns is essential to a healthy mental state. Keeping a thought diary allows you to take note of the thoughts and emotions in real time. Reflecting on your thoughts daily allows you to identify when change is needed.

It is easy to become comfortable in your discomfort. For some, toxic thoughts have become so familiar they are difficult to dismiss. They minimize, diminish, and negate positive thoughts and affirmations and can cause individuals to lose hope, become paralyzed and give up on purpose, promise and dreams they have for themselves.

Acknowledging thought patterns is a critical step to healing and wellness. When thoughts like “I am not good enough”, “I cannot do it”, “I wish I was more like…” and “What if” are more active than the affirming opposites, it becomes difficult to believe in yourself and take steps toward your purpose and goals.

Addressing toxic thought patterns positions individuals for healing. Here are a few ways to identify, acknowledge, and address toxic thought patterns:

Identify: What am I thinking about myself right now?

Acknowledge: Where does this thought come from?

Address: What positive affirmation is needed to stop the toxic thought?

Attached is a free daily thought diary for August available for you. Click the “Daily Thought Diary” button to download your copy.

I invite you to spend a few moments throughout the day identifying your thoughts and taking note of them. Creating a thought diary will allow you to recognize what thoughts dominate your day and may help you identify where to start.

Remember, “you have the power within you to change your life by identifying, acknowledging, and addressing toxic thought patterns” ~Sharhonda Ford. 

Happy Thinking! I look forward to hearing how this process changes your life as it changes your thoughts.

In Pursuit,

Sharhonda, Your Partner in Faith, Marriage and Mental Health