Emotional Decluttering Part 3: Powerful Emotions

Wow, As we approach the end of our series on Emotional Decluttering, let’s wrap up this month acknowledging a few powerful emotions that are known to paralyze and debilitate individuals who experience them.

Knowing how to self-regulate when powerful emotions show up is essential to grounding and moving past difficult moments.

Anxiety, depression, and grief are emotions that have the propensity to cause us to lose sight of goals, plans, and things that are important. The inability to manage these emotions appropriately causes individuals to lose hope and feel like these emotions are a dominating part of their life.

Often this translates into social isolation, retreating, loss of interest doing things you love and slowly changing your active routine to a more sedentary routine. Although these emotions are powerful and real, it is important to know, they do not own you or have the power to dictate your mood or your worth. 

Let’s be honest about what we feel and acknowledge:

We are NOT exempt!

We are NOT defective due to our ANXIETY!

We are NOT defective due to our DEPRESSION!

We are NOT defective due to our GRIEF!

We are NOT defective due to our POWERFUL EMOTIONS!


I too experience anxiety, depression, grief, and other powerful emotions.

As a Christian and a Clinician people are often taken by surprise when I admit that. I learned through my own counseling journey how to manage my emotions and you can do the same.

I am neither exempt nor ashamed.

Anxiety is REAL! Therapy helps you HEAL!

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